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Hazel Farm,
Remember, any structural work that is planned to be done on the outside of your
property, it is the homeowner's responsibility to submit the required ARC submission
form (members tab, then click Documents) through our management company (BCC)
and await the approval letter from your ARC committee, prior to your project being started. 
Remember, after processing an application for reserving the community
center, please wait until you receive an approval email before making 
further Community Center plans. This process is in place to avoid any
overlapping of reservations. Reservations are processed on a first come,
first served basis.
Parents, please have a discussion with your children that walking behind
other peoples homes through their back yards as a "Short Cut". This is
considered illegal trespassing on people's property without permission.  
Be careful of leaving any packages outside for long periods of time. 
Have your neighbor(s) take them in for you if you're away. There are
thieves (Porch Pirates) who drive around looking for packages left
outside unattended.
If you see any wildlife in our community that shouldn't be walking around
in here, cubs, fox's, deer, please call 302-739-9912 or 302-735-3600.
A lot of vandalism is due to vehicles being Un-Locked.
Here is the Odessa Police ADMIN # 302-739-4525/4863
If you see it and it looks suspicious report it! Be safe than sorry.